Xivaillon is one of six originally created councilors.


His skin is dark and covered with tiny fur. He has blonde hair and a beard. He had brown eyes and two big ears. His nose is flat and has two pairs of nostrils.

Xivaillon's causal outfit is cyan shirt with a yellow decoration worn as a tie. He is wearing dark dress pants held by black suspenders.


Xivaillon is a good person, but he is quite childlish. He doesn't know much about psychology and that makes him do stupid actions.

His biggest dream is to have a family, but due to him being a rallesimorian, he can't until he does a huge favor to Lord Lwiviear and Lady Ymreiva. Laceredenos agreed to treat him as a part of their family and he tries to make them happy ever since. He is genuinely happy with them. He even trained young Luciferimus when he found out he is a shapeshifter!

His task

In chapter 002 his abilities were proven mismatched to the task given to the council by the essences.



Young distant nephew. He helps him learn shapeshifting.


His reckless actions often annoy her. He doesn't do that on purpose tho.


Xivaillon tries to be friendly by jokingly saying that Rallosameer is a junkie. Rallosameer doesn't approve.


This character's hairstyle is almost exactly the same as the one that author's dad has.

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