Roxyvan is a brother of Riamidea. He wants to become a royal guard.


He has ginger hair reaching his shoulders. He has thick eyebrows and blue eyes. There is one curly hair on his forehead. His skin is white. He has brown horns.

He is wearing a green turtleneck sweater and dark gray pants.


He has mentality of a twelve years old youtuber. He shortens his name to Rox to appear cooler but it makes everyone around him cringe. He wants to become a royal guard because "they are tough like rocks".

Roxyvan is a decent fighter but he often lacks on tact.

For some reason he is overprotective when it comes to his sisters. He fails to notice that they are doing better than he thinks. He always assumes he has to tell them what to or not to do.

As much as Ramisallia succumbed to his control-freak behavior, Riamidea seems to be resistant to it. It really annoys him to see that she ignores everything he says or even does exactly opposite.



He thinks he has to protect her even though he doesn't. She thinks he might be gay.


She just did whatever he wanted for the sake of peace. He let her be.


Roxyvan is allergic to pollen. At the beginning of chapter three you can even see him sneezing and having a booger bubble sticking out his nose.

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