Romisellar is one of six originally created councilors. Due to a mistake in creation process made by Lord Lwiviear , he turned out to be quite close to another councilor - Rallosameer resulting in similar sounding name and nearly the same skin tone.


He has pink nose and sand colored fur. His nose resembles a big cat's nose. He has blue eyes with a brown outline around them. His hair is very bright and long. His clothes are mostly red-brown with accents of gold. He is wearing a dark purple cape.


Romisellar has the personality of a leader. At the same time he can be quite lazy. He enjoys various kinds of snacks. If it's not a serious situation, it's almost sure you will see him chewing. He is into various physical activities (like running, playing sporty games etc). In his free time he writes a book called "Heart under the carapace". He is also an active entomologist.

His task

In chapter 002 his abilities were proven mismatched to the task given to the council by the essences.



Wife of Romisellar. They got married during their own ceremony of binding organized for them as a reward for completing a difficult task. As councilors can't physically breed, they could ask Lord Lwiviear and Lady Ymreiva for children, but they didn't want to.


In the first design of this character, his fur was brown and he didn't have a hairstyle.

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