Riamidea was the soul behind the ward of Luciferimus. Due to an accident caused by Lusstoni (brother of Luciferimus), her earthling avatar died and she got her hellcephiran body back. She belongs to a guild named Eleve where she was a grifodon trainer.

She has a pet grifodon named Ravy'nawel


She is known for her purple hair and bright green eyes. She has small bright brown horns and bright yellowish skin. She has problems with sticking to one outfit so you can see her changing things most of the time. She is skinny and of average height. Her upper lip is of a slightly different shade than the bottom one, she was born like that.


Riamidea's arrogance sometimes is a real pain to people who annoy her... or generally to half of the people around her. Sometimes she is rude and is not scared of saying impolite things in casual situations. That doesn't mean she doesn't know how to behave, she is capable of being a nice and polite person. She trusts almost no one.

Riamidea used to spend most of her day in the forest, training grifodons and hunting, she didn't need company of other people.

On Hellcephira

When she went back home, she decided to try applying for a royal guard position just to annoy her brother...Or so it seems.



Ramisallia is a good person in her opinion, but she doesn't like her future husband.


He is annoying and overprotective. Riamidea does everything to piss him off.


She was the most re-designed character of all series. She had multiple appearances and each one of them looked way different than the previous one. She was not really developed until the latest revamp where she got whole her personality and current looks. --

At one point she was supposed to have two mismatched eyes, but they were replaced with green ones.


She was meant to have black hair and dark clothes, but during the last revamp her color palette was swapped to be a contrast to Luciferimus' appearance.

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