Ramisallia is an episodic character of the series. She is a younger sister of Riamidea and Roxyvan. She is a medic.


She has ginger hair braided as a small ponytail. She enjoys wearing her golden jewelry. You can often see her in a white medic outfit. Her horns are dark brown. Her color scheme is similar to the one that Roxyvan has, but she has slightly mismatched lips similar to Riamidea.


Ramisallia is a good person but she often appears spineless. She has problems with standing up for what she believes is right. She is often made fun of by Riamidea and commanded by Roxyvan.


She was the youngest child in the family. She used to want to be a fighter, but Roxyvan manipulated her to pick something safer. She picked healing.

During her medical studies she met Arkenleus - a boy from far away who she fell in love with. They became a couple but for some reason her sister hated him.

She was seen as the most successful child of the family due to the fact that she was the first to get a real job, finish studies and find someone to get married with.



Ramisallia still remembers old Riamidea from before her condition got so bad. She feels nostalgic about their past. She would always help her but she also keeps getting annoyed at her.


Ramisallia appreciates that her brother wants good things for her, but she doesn't believe in his vision. She always does what he wants nonetheless, she always says that doing what he wants is just several seconds of work and then she is left alone for long days.

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