Rallosameer is one of six originally created councilors. Due to a mistake in creation process made by Lord Lwiviear , he turned out to be quite close to another councilor - Romisellar resulting in similar sounding name and nearly the same skin tone.


He has cream colored skin, brownish hair and black eyes.He has six light brown stripes in one part of his hairstyle. He has dark brown patterns around his eyes and eyebrows of the same color. His nose is flat and he has turtlelike upper lip.

In chapter 002 he appears both in his casual outfit and his councilor suit.


After the death of his friend - mother of Anshrilda, he stopped hanging out with the rest of the council. He thinks they do not like or respect him. When in his default dimension, he never smiles. He is annoyed with other councilors and treats them coldly. When in the dream dimension, he is very happy, witty and smiles almost all the time. He finds his dream world his personal paradise.

His task

In chapter 002, he is teamed up with Anshrilda the Seer. Seeing her clueless he decided to bring her to his dream dimension so that they can look for clues together. She is the very first person he brought there. He gave her a chance due to her being his deceased friend's daughter.



He doesn't know much about her. He didn't even try to get to know her for a very long time. Turns out she is not that bad? She doesn't feel disgust when she thinks about him?

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