Rallesimorian people were created by the essence of life - Lord Lwiviear for the sole purpose of serving as coucilors in the Great Council of Kreyilon. The race is named after the location where the coucil was founded - Forest of Rallesimoria.


Rallesimorians don't have a fixed apeparance. They are hybrids of humans and animals. Each hybrid can shapeshift into the corresponding animal which gives them bonus skills.


Rallesimorian people are not able to reproduce. The only was of getting an offspring is to have the two great essences reward them for completing a great task. It's incredibly rare and only one of them got a child.


Each representnative of this race has two types of abilities - major and minor.


Lion hybrid

[Major ability] Instinct mastery - Lion hybrids are known for having increased instinct mastery. They understand and are able to affect primal instincs and feelings of living creatures. 

[Minor ability] Lion shapeshift - The lion form is an agile fighter. It increases the user's movement speed greatly and enables them to roar which is awesome. ROAR!

Elephant hybrid

[Major ability] Mind mastery - Elephant hybrids can browse minds like open books. They can hear other people's thoughts at will, browse their memories and sense their feelings.

[Minor ability] Elephant shapeshift - Elephant form is big and intimidating... but the user loses the ability to jump. Don't worry though, they can still attack someone with their tusks or hold water in their  trunks. Haven't you ever wanted to have water in your nose and not die? See? Awesome!

Owl hybrid

[Major ability] Knowledge seeking - Owl hybrids can extract knowledge from various objects. They can extract data such as memories of plants, detailed informations about their surroundings etc.

[Minor ability] Owl shapeshift - Owl form allows the user to fly. It increases nocturnal sight greatly.

Bat hybrid

[Major ability] All-hearing - Bat hybrids are gifted with insanely good hearing sense. They can pick a direction with their ear and hear sounds at will (Even if they are very very very very far away! And I mean VERY.)

[Minor ability] Bat shapeshift - Bat for is a flying form as well. The user is able to use psycholocation - tracking other people with their thoughts.

Turtle hybrid

[Major ability] Dreamwandering - Turtle hybrids are known for their exclusive skill - dwelling in the land of dreams. They keep the dream dimension safe. Have you slept well? Thank the turtle! No? Ok, slap the turtle.

[Minor ability] Turtle shapeshift - This is the only known aquatic form. While transformed they become excellent swimmers and divers.

Chameleon hybrid

[Major ability] Time seeing - Chameleon hybrids have two different eyes - the black one that sees the past and the white one that sees the future. While used simultaneously the user sees the present time.

[Minor ability] Chameleon shapeshift - This form allows the user to climb very well and see two things at the same time. Additionally chameleon hybrids can change their colors even when they are not shapeshifted!

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