Lord Lwiviear is the shaper of the universe. He is the essence of life, being the opposite of his wife - essence of death.


Lord Lwiviear has medium dark skin and black hair. His eyes are blue.

He is wearing a white-cyan suit. His tophat is cyan and has a white stripe with a star symbol across it. He is wearing a feather hairclip and a necklace resembling dreamcatcher. He has a cyan coat and pants as well as a white sweater. He has brown tuxedo shoes.


The personality of this character is yet to be known.


This character's hairstyle resembles the one owned by Thomas Anders of Modern Talking band in their music video "Cheri Cheir Lady". The author liked to sing this song. Asked why she used this hairstyle she would say "Somehow it suits him", but we all know she has a weak spot for this kind of hairstyles.

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