This wiki contains unmarked spoilers. If you want to read the comic safely, it's strongly advised to do it before you browse this website.

Hellcephira is planned to be a long-term comic. The basic story consists of two main plots: "The guardian and the guard" as well as "The tale of Parent Time".


The guardian and the guard

There is a world where people are able to split their bodies and souls in order to capture and unborn human body and live a life as avatars. They need to do that in order to collect energy to keep their beloved homelands safe. Usually people who had several avatars can become a guardian of someone new to this... usually. This time a young boy becomes a guardian simply because he is a prince. He breaks many laws and falls in love with the girl he should be taking care of. One day his brother used his powers against him just to do a prank and she dies. This seems like the end... but it's only the beginning.

The tale of Parent Time

Two great entities - Essence of Life and Essence of Death started to lose their memories. This could mean the end of the universe. Unless their servants - The Great Council of Kreyilon find a way of bringing back their memories that is.

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