Grifodons are creatures originally found on planet Hellcephira. Before they were domesticated their lifespan was quite short (8-10 years). After hellcephirans started to train them, they can live for a very long time.

They are believed to be feathered dinosaurs.


They resemble griffons. They have eyebrows and patterns different to each specimen. They have pointy ears that end with feathers. They have wings, four legs and long tails ending with a round part framed similar way as their ears.

Their feather color pallette includes: gray, brown, black, beige, white and cream. They can have green, blue, brown or orange eyes.

Their beaks, feet and inner side of their ears are always matching each other. Their colors can be pink-blue, brown-orange, yellow-blue, orange-purple, green-blue and violet-yellow. They have teeth inside their beaks.

Their feet have only three toes ended with big claws, nearly merging wich each other in eyes of an inexperienced person.

Female grifodons are bigger and stronger. They are good, durable fighters what makes them very good guards.

Male grifodons are smaller and slimmer. They are not as strong as females, but they can cover much longer distances without feeling exhausted. In the wild, males fly around and catch small animals while females stay in the nest defending children.


Grifodons are carnivores. Their lifespans were enlarged after hellcephirans started to help them hunt tzivnitcheks - small flying creatures feeding on raw energy. Being exposed to such a force, their bodies started to work like the ones of their trainers (their aging was slowed down greatly, making them impossible to die of old age).


Grifodons lay eggs. They can do so only during one time of the year. During winter, each male grifodon brings their female a bunch of meat and doing a mating dance. If a female agrees to breed, both of them build a nest where they wait for their children to hatch.


Grifodons are gregarious. In the wild they always pick an alpha (either male or female) of their herd, but domesticated grifodons always see hellcephirans as their alphas.


Grifodons make excellent flying mounts, far superior to anything else. The long-livespan grifodons are only obtainable from specialized guilds that breed and train them. That makes them quite expensive so to get one you either have to be a trainer, high ranked forest watchmen guild member or be very rich.

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