Essences are the most powerful entities of the universe. Their bodies are ethereal, they can take on physical humanoid form, but they cannot be harmed by things like fire, extreme temperature, falling down and other natural dangers that could kill them otherwise.

There are five essences in the universe.


Their appearance is not the same all the time. They can change the way their bodies look if they want to. They mostly stick to one appearance though. 

Birth of an essence

Very little is known about the way they appear. Once they are born though, they require insane amounts of energy to grow up.


Noone knows how many abilities they have. Some of the known abilities are life shaping, teleporting, shapeshifting, translocation, levitation.

List of essences

Lady Ymreiva - essence of death, Lord Lwiviear -essence of life, Parent Time - essence of time, Thornasolei, the Queen of the Sun - essence of balance, (???)

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