WARNING: This article contains spoilers! It's advised to read the chapter itself before proceeding. This description is meant for people who already read this comic in the past but somehow forgot what was happening and they want to quickly catch up with the newest chapters.

The chapter starts with a part of Anshrilda's prophecy visible in the cover image.

Leading characters: Riamidea, Luciferimus.


As Riamidea stated in the first chapter, she decided to attempt becoming a new royal guard. She traveled to the royal palace along with her brother, Roxyvan.

Riamidea attended the meeting with the king but she realized that she was not on the list of people invited further. She asked why she wasn't included if she got a positive response before. King Beelzeberiad explained that their posters were printed incorrectly and they are not looking for female applicants right now. He stated that when they open recruitment for women, she is going to start directly from the second phase thanks to the fact that she came there this day.

Suddenly Luciferimus offered her a chance to become his personal guard. His father agreed but for a price - the boy will have to organize everything for her on his own.

Riamidea followed the young prince to his office where he started to make some tea for her. While waiting she noticed a weird box on his desk. She asked where he got it from and he accidentally said something that made her suspicious. Being cornered, Luciferimus decided to show her his childhood diary where he described his role as the guardian of her earthling avatar.

Riamidea entered the trial.

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