WARNING: This article contains spoilers! It's advised to read the chapter itself before proceeding. This description is meant for people who already read this comic in the past but somehow forgot what was happening and they want to quickly catch up with the newest chapters.

Chapter number one follows the story of heartbroken Prince Luciferimus, his half-bat uncle and Riamidea Lavenoaire.

Leading characters: Prince Luciferimus, Riamidea Lavenoaire, Xivaillon


Xivaillon - member of the Great Council of Kreyilon heard that Anshrilda's prophecy is about to fulfill. He didn't want his distant nephew - Luciferimus to feel bad so he used a portal to visit him on Hellcephira. The young prince felt that something suspicious was going on. He assumed that the Great Council has set everything up and that they are trying to change his life against his own will.

Riamidea was the soul behind the girl whose spiritual guardian Luciferimus. After her earthling avatar died, her soul went back to her old body on Hellcephira. Everything seemed like she is going back to her old life. The story could have ended here if it wasn't for Xivaillon who managed to convince his distant nephew to come and look for her at the port of souls. With use of his magical power the boy managed to track his beloved soulmate.

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