Anshrilda is the second seer of the Great Council of Kreyilon. She took the place of her mother after her death. She is the only not-originally-created member of the council.


Due to her power of time seeing, her eyes are of different colors. Her black eye sees the past, while the white eye sees the future. When she uses both at the same time she sees the present time.

She has green skin and dark blue hair. Her nose looks like a dark green horn. She has yellow-orange markings around her eyes and bright brown lips. She is capable of shifting her colors at will or automatically during periods of strong emotions (As seen in chapter 002). Additionally she has chameleonlike tail.

In chapter 001, she is wearing her casual set of clothes, but in chapter 002, she appears in her formal councilor outfit.

As every councilor, she can shapeshift into the animal she represents.


Anshrilda is curious about worlds surrounding her. She likes to organize things and she gets annoyed when someone does reckless actions. She is quite emotional and it's pretty easy for her to get overwhelmed by the situation.

She is scared of dying the same way her mother did. This thing keeps her away from showing her full potential.

Her task

In chapter 002 she is teamed up with her council mate - Rallosameer the Dream Wanderer in order to find out what happened to essences. She is really clueless about her input in this task. Luckily, Rallosameer came up with an idea regarding their task completion and he brought her to his realm of dreams.



She doesn't know much about him. He rarely is even talking to anyone in the council. After teaming up though, she started to be quite intrigued by him.

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